Whether you’re a huge fan of foreign films, a foodie with a passion for exotic meals or just plain old big on connecting with other cultures, learning a new language is a great way to expand your horizons.

And that’s without even mentioning how great it looks on your résumé and the amount of doors it can open for you, professionally.
Still, learning to speak from scratch can be quite the challenge – but these hacks will help you master any language faster!

1. Immerse yourself

Listen to popular music and read classic children’s books; those are easy to understand if you know the story, plus they’re always filled with common and simple phrases.

2. Put yourself in situations where you have to learn

Be on the lookout for restaurants and activities around you from that country, surround yourself with native speakers; this is also a great way to learn more about the place and its culture. Know this: children aren’t better at learning languages, they just don’t have any other choice!

3. Surrender to your learning process

Talk, talk, talk! Lose your fear of being misunderstood, and you’ll find that you’ll be able to speak well quicker. Native speakers will usually be thankful to know you’re making an effort to learn their language, and they’ll correct you or encourage you depending on the case.

4. Listen

While it may sound contradictory to the former point, it’s also vital to really become aware of words and cadence. Listen to native speakers talk and then formulate your own responses from there.

5. Prioritize being understood to proper grammar

Yes, grammar is important, but it’s step 10 and you’re on step 1. Focus first on fluency, and you can work around the rough edges later on.