Do you get the feeling you could always do more?

It can be really difficult to maintain the same level of energy throughout the entire work day and get everything done – and failing to do things in the right time can not only decrease your productivity, but also end up making you feel miserable. Try these productivity hacks to really improve your day!

1. Follow the two-minute rule

One of the starting points of the Getting Things Done time management method, this rule says that if a task will take you less than 2 minutes, you should go right ahead and do it. Get those menial two-line email replies done ASAP!

2. Find your magic hour

Some people are most alert at the break of dawn, others get productivity boosts mid-afternoon and, of course, there are those owls who work best very late into the night. Which one are you? Notice when you feel more energetic and you do your best work, and plan the entire work day around that time.

3. Prioritize

At the start of the day, prioritize the most vital tasks and be sure to perform them in your magic hour.

4. Use the apps at your disposal

To be sure, the Internet is the greatest of all distractions, but it’s also the holder of thousands of apps dedicated to list making, budget creation and note writing. Without a doubt, there’s a perfect one for you out there!

5. Sign off

You can comment on those baby pics on Facebook later, and the news will still be on Twitter in two hours. Get away from social media and instant messaging apps and you’ll find yourself with tons of newly freed-up time to make your dreams happen.