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Let’s face it: when you have work to do, actually doing it feels like a Herculean task.

Whether you’re easily distracted, feel overwhelmed or you just cannot find the groove to actually get your hands dirty, these tips will help you get in the zone!

1. Break large projects into smaller tasks

It’s too easy to feel like you cannot overcome something that’s impossibly big … so, find the nuances. Break down that massive report into smaller sections that you can easily perform in a short amount of time. Don’t let the size of a project overwhelm you: everything’s done step by step!

2. Set (attainable) goals for yourself

If you’re writing a novel, chances are you won’t be able to type 500 pages in two weeks. Asking ridiculous things of yourself is a sure way to become overwhelmed and ultimately paralyzed by fear. Challenge yourself to attain goals, but also keep in mind you’re human and need space and time.

3. Make a schedule to check your emails and IM

Obsessively replying to each little thing the second someone sends it is a quick way to end up gossiping with a friend for an hour and a half. Give yourself a specific time to check who’s written to you, which could be a 10-minute break every couple of hours.

4. Reward yourself

Give yourself a treat, but really work for it: say, get a healthy and yummy snack whenever you finish four tasks. You’ll have that in mind while working!