Your body resents you for inactivity, and as the day progresses, you’ll feel heavier. However, when it comes to physical activity, even a little goes a long way. These quick exercise routines will get your juices flowing to start the day right!

There’s a strong chance that you have a desk job that keeps you seated all day. Maybe most of your friends are in the same boat. And in the heat of the daily routine, it can be really hard to squeeze in a workout.
Perhaps you haven’t found the right exercise for you and gyms get you down. Maybe you just don’t have the time or money for a subscription right now. But that shouldn’t get in the way of your feeling energized in the morning.

There are more than a few benefits to quick exercise routines, and the ones below can be done basically anywhere. Whether you’re squeezing in some activity after coffee or midday, your body will thank you. Here are some exercise you can definitely keep up with!

1. Relaxing & Quick Exercise Routines: Morning Yoga

If your mornings are craving some balance, the Greatist morning yoga sequence is for you. It’s a 15-minute workout dedicated to stretching and activating your body for the long day ahead. It’s also great for anyone looking to build flexibility. It requires no previous yoga experience and the instructor is very straightforward.

2. Strength Training

Those looking to have a stronger body should definitely check out this video from Pop Sugar Fitness. This is designed for beginners, and doesn’t require any fancy equipment; just a chair. Everyone can do these simple exercises and enter the new day fully energized.

3. Morning Cardio

Sweat out all concerns with the HASfit cardio workout for beginners. It’s a quarter-hour of intense exercise that won’t make you want to die. Plus, this is low-impact with no jumps, in case you’re a little scared of more in-depth cardio.

4. Abs to Kill

Do you want to tone your body but don’t have the time to spend hours at the gym? This BodyFit by Amy workout was created with you in mind. The low-impact exercises here focus on core muscles without straining your back. The workout has different levels, whether you’re a beginner or fairly experienced.