Here’s How To Make Your Old Slow Computer Like New Again


Clever new device is helping people avoid spending hundreds (or even thousands) on brand new computers.

Is your computer painfully slow? Have you considered buying a new ‘faster’ computer but the price of even a basic one makes you cringe? Do you wish there was a cheaper, more affordable way to get a new computer? (Hint: there is – keep reading.)

It’s incredibly frustrating when computers slow down or stop working for seemingly no reason at all. And even after all the diagnostics, upgrades, and money spent, the amount of time waiting for that spinning wheel or hourglass to disappear never seems to get any shorter. Your once new, lightning-fast, computer just keeps getting slower as each day passes.

Well, fortunately, there’s a new device that has recently hit the market and it’s literally giving old, slow computers lightning fast speed again. And to say it’s extremely affordable is grossly understated!

What is it?

It’s called Xtra-PC and if you have an old, slow computer, it’s exactly what you need.

Xtra-PC is a small thumb drive you simply plug into your computer’s USB port and it instantly bypasses your existing operating system and loads a feature-rich Linux OS – making your old computer run like new.

It works with any computer (Mac or Windows) laptop, desktop, and netbooks made after 2003 and it is hands down the fastest, easiest solution to getting yourself a new computer without spending $400, $500, $800 or more – guaranteed. No more staring at spinning wheels or hourglasses ever again!

"No hard drive? No problem."

Amazingly, Xtra-PC even works on computers with no hard drives. That’s right! Broken, damaged, or just plain missing – Xtra-PC will have your computer running like new again even without a hard drive!

How does it work?

Super easy! In fact, it’s so easy that it’s like snapping your fingers and watching your old computer magically turn into the new, super-fast computer you want it to be. You only have to setup Xtra-PC once and you can even use it on multiple computers!

All you have to do is…

  • Step 1: Simply plug it into the USB port (make sure computer is off)
  • Step 2: Turn your Computer on – Select ‘Boot from USB’
  • Step 3: Done! - Enjoy your lightening fast computer

See the Xtra-PC in action...

What's so special about Xtra-PC?

We'll for starters, there’s simply no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a new computer – only to have it slow down on you in another year or two. Which is why the big computer companies are so against this incredibly powerful little device.

With Xtra-PC you’ll be able to do the things you normally do…

  • Surf the web
  • Share on social media
  • Write emails
  • Watch videos
  • Play games
  • And more!

Heck, you can even add other programs to your computer if you wanted to. Want to download Skype? No problem.

BEST PART: It's fast, like really fast. In less than 15 minutes you’ll be shocked at the difference in the performance of your computer.

Sounds good, but what's it going to cost me?

Given all the benefits Xtra-PC provides, you might expect this to be pretty darn expensive. Well, we're happy to say it's not.

Xtra-PC currently retails for only $49.99 $34.99 and you can purchase one directly from their official website by clicking here.

That's right, only $35 bucks! This small $35 investment could save you hundreds! If you're still having doubts, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee & refund policy.

Final Verdict: Should you get one?

Now that you know about Xtra-PC and what it can do for your old computer, the question isn’t, “Do you have an old, slow, useless computer sitting around?”

The question should be, "Do you have an old computer to transform into a blazing fast, ready-to-use-for-anything computer?"

As of Jul 23, 2019, Ceeny subscribers can still get Xtra-PC with 16GB of storage for 30% Off and Free Shipping too!

  • Resurrect your "dead" computer
  • Save money on diagnostics and repairs
  • Keep all your files and favorite programs
  • Get up and running in minutes!

PRO TIP: We highly recommend you buy it from the official site as there are many knockoffs on the market today.

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