New carbon based cleaner is so safe and effective that NASA actually uses it on the International Space Station.

Isn’t it amazing that we spend $100’s and $1,000’s on expensive electronics that have gorgeous, HD displays and then we resort to using cheap rags and sprays to clean the screens?

Problem with those so-called ‘screen approved’ cloths is, even with some extra elbow-grease, they often only smear, smudge, and leave bacteria behind. Sure, they look ‘better’ than before. But who only wants a ‘better’ looking screen, right?

A ‘better’ looking screen is only relative to how dirty the screen was before you cleaned it.

Well, there’s a new product being used in the aerospace industry that everyone’s buzzing about. It’s an advanced carbon molecular cleaning pad that actually attracts and removes dirt, oil and fingerprints. So, I bought one to see how it stacks up to my trusty micro-cloth and screen-clean spray.

All I can say is, after my first use, there simply wasn’t any comparison. I threw my micro-cloths and spray away!

What is it?

It’s called the ScreenKlean - it makes cleaning with rags and liquids seem so ridiculous now. That’s because typical screen cleaners that mostly smear and smudge.

ScreenKlean uses advanced patented technology to attract, grab, and remove dirt, oils and fingerprints.

Plus, the patented carbon technology naturally combats bacteria on your touch screens. So every time you clean your screen you’re also fighting germ residue. Think of it as a 2-for-1 benefit!

ScreenKlean works on any and all of your devices - smartphones, tablets, e-readers, laptops, TV's, etc. With just one wipe your gorgeous HD screens don’t just look ‘better’ than before, they look crystal clear spotless.

How does it work?

It all has to do with the patented technology we mentioned. CarbonKlean, the makers of ScreenKlean and Ceeny favorite Peeps Eyeglasses Cleaner, actually engineered what they call a ‘smart’ carbon cleaning molecule.

And get this... NASA actually uses this very same carbon cleaning technology! So if it’s good enough for space-walkers, it can’t be a figment of my imagination.

Here’s an illustration of how this technology works whenever you swipe the carbon pad across your device’s screen:

Click here to watch video for a closer look at how ScreenKlean works!

How do you clean the carbon pad?

Cleaning the dirty carbon pad is super easy. All you do is slide it back into the ‘Recharging’ station. So it’s ready for your next crystal clear cleaning.

Here’s what’s amazing... So the dirty ‘smart’ carbon molecules actually move AWAY from the tip of the pad and are replaced by new, clean carbon molecules. That’s what happens when you ‘Recharge’ your carbon pad. Pretty amazing cool, right?

Can't you get the same clean with micro-cloths?

Definitely not! The problem with micro-cloths is that they really just smear and smudge dirt, oils and bacteria around. Don't forget all those times, you've sat there for a few minutes trying to get rid of fingerprints.

It gets worse... those soft micro-cloths actually leave micro-scratches on your screens. Damaging your screens and degrading the quality of your HD picture over time – yikes! Here's a chart breaking down the difference:

Sounds good, but what's this going to cost?

You may be quick to think that this is some super expensive gadget. However, I'm happy to say it's not! The ScreenKlean retails for only $19.99!

Considering how much we spend on our smart devices, this is a small price to pay to keep it clean and pretty! You can purchase your very own ScreenKlean directly from the company's website here.

If you wear glasses, we highly recommend you checkout our review of the Peeps Eyeglasses Cleaner. It was created by the same company using the same technology.


As of Jun 24, 2019, Ceeny subscribers can still take advantage of Carbon Klean's limited-time special offer - BUY 3 GET 2 FREE and Free Shipping too!

PRO TIP: I ended up buying more because my wife and coworkers were always taking and using mine. Now my wife has her own, I have an extra one in my car and at the office, AND I leave 2 ScreenKleans on my desk for “Community Use Only”.

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