Mother’s Day passed by in a hurry, and now it’s almost Dad’s turn. 🕺

So many people struggle with finding the perfect present for Father’s Day, and there’s a reason for that old advertisement Adage of:

“What to get the man who has everything.”

Dads can often be difficult to pinpoint, which is why it’s best to have a good array of options available.

With that mind, we’ve prepared this list of fun items to get the big guy of the house! Whether you’re shopping for your father, your grandfather or an uncle who loves gadgets, you’ll find the perfect fit below. Even at the last minute, these are all wonderful choices!

1. This Tiny Device Self-Diagnoses Car Issues 👨🏻‍🔧

Few things in life are quite as angering as knowing in your heart that a car mechanic is cheating you and being unable to prove it. Skeevy mechanics are constantly trying to make you dizzy with weirdly specific terminology and even the savviest person can end up with a headache.

Now, there’s a way to know exactly what’s wrong with your vehicle. FIXD is a tiny device that can be easily connected to the on-board diagnostics (OBD) port of any car made after 1996. There, FIXD will run a full diagnostic. Get dad the gift of never falling victim to a bad mechanic again!

2. Turn Dad’s Old Slow PC Fast Again 👨🏼‍💻

It's hard to part with a computer that has given us hours of joy. However, even if you only use your PC to surf the web, manufacturers build computers to last a certain time. For your old man, it can be particularly frustrating - so why not help him keep his old PC, and working as well as it did when he bought it?

Xtra-PC breathes new life into old computers by instantly replacing the old operating system with a new, super-fast one. This tiny thumb drive will save dad the hundreds of dollars of a new PC, letting him keep a device he already knows and loves!

3. The Ultimate Manscaping Gadget 🧔🏽

Hair has a way of growing in the most uncomfortable areas. For a lot of men, that can translate into back hair, sometimes a lot of it. Besides contributing to sweat and even unpleasant body odor, having lots of back hair can really affect a man's confidence. And the absolute worst part is that it's impossible to reach certain areas.

That's why BakBlade exists! BakBlade is a large and completely ergonomic device that allows men to shave their backs fully in just 10 minutes, without leaving any patches or irritation. Dad can use it fresh off the shower or whenever he likes, safely!

4. Wirelessly Charge Any Smartphone 🔋

Smartphones make life easier for us because they keep us connected with people we love and can provide hours of entertainment. However, they can also eat up battery like no one's business, easily leaving you stranded when you need them the most. Having that happen to your father is a downright terrifying notion - so why not get him the ultimate cordless charger?

CircaCharge wirelessly charges any modern phone (including the latest models from Samsung and Apple) by simply placing the device on top of the charging pad. Dad won't have to remember to carry around messy wires anymore!

5. Help Your Dad Locate Misplaced Items 🕵🏾

Is your dad the type of person who has so much on his mind he constantly misplaces things and can't find them later? XY Finder might just be the perfect Father's Day gift.

XY Finder is a tiny device that you can place on just about anything, from car keys to even family pets. You can then download the free app and, presto, dad will always know where his misplaced item is. In case it's around him but too small to actually see, he can turn on the very loud alarm until the sound guides the way!

6. Use Astronaut Technology to Keep Glasses Clean 👨🏻‍🚀

Although people who wear glasses get so used to them they can often feel their face is naked without them, there are many issues with glasses. While they help people see, and when there's even the slightest smudge on the crystals, it means vision becomes impaired. Regular rags or wipes don't quite clean eyeglasses perfectly, leaving traces of dirty, so glass wearers are half blind at all times.

The patented Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner uses carbon microfiber pads eliminate dirt in its entirety, helping those who need eyeglasses to see the way they should. It's the kind of technology NASA astronauts use to see well in extreme conditions in space!

7. Help Keep His Keys Organized 🔑

The average person has to have more than a few keys on them at all times. House and car keys are the most basic, and then some others have spares of their loved ones' homes or the keys to the office. It can be overwhelming to carry so many keychains around - which is why KeySmart is such a great product.

KeySmart is a small device that can hold up to 14 keys, perfectly compacted to avoid the pointy metal from hurting through the pants or scratching your phone inside the pocket. Plus, KeySmart also includes cool accessories like a folding knife, USB drive, and a screwdriver!

8. Navigate Without Taking Your Eyes Off the Road 👀

When you're going someplace new on the car, you need to be able to check your navigation system. You also, however, need to watch the road and keep yourself safe - which is the logic that allowed VIZR to come to life.

From the same makers of FIXD comes VIZR, a gadget created to allow drivers to use their phones' navigating systems without losing their concentration and endanger their lives. A perfect gift for very busy dads, VIZR allows the driver to engage with his GPS navigation system, including traffic conditions and speed, without losing sight of the road ahead.

9. Tactical Present for Outdoorsy Dads 🔦

Do some of your best memories with your dad revolve around trips to the great outdoors? A great tactical flashlight can help you prepare for even more adventures to come - and there isn't a better option than the TC1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight.

This is the toughest flashlight in the market: it's gone to space and back and even survived a 111k-foot fall. It's the perfect present for someone who has a love for camping and being outside, as it provides as much brightness as 200 camera flashes, ideal for star-filled nights and foggy afternoons. It's also a great addition to any home survival and/or emergency kit!

10. Help Him Relieve Neck Stiffness and Tension 😌

Do you worry that your dad overworks and spends more than his share of time at the office? Sitting in a bad position for hours can lead to neck pain very easily, which can in turn end up being chronic if people don't take care of themselves.

Neck Hammock was created with desk jockeys in mind, bringing a solution for those who suffer from neck pain throughout the workday. All you need to use this portable device is a door handle to hang it from and 15 minutes. The Neck Hammock works exactly as its name suggests, and it'll cradle you back to comfort!

11. Watch TV for Free with ComsicWave 📺 ⛹🏽

Your dad works all day long, he raised you to be the fine human you are today, and has a million things in his plate. When he gets home, he deserves to be able to simply lie back in front of the TV and watch whatever his heart desires. And, of course, if he doesn't have to pay extra, even better!

CosmicWave TV is the most innovative TV antenna in the market: a tiny device that turns your entire house into an antenna, making cable services obsolete. You can spend lazy Sundays with dad watching your favorite HD channels without putting any extra money.

12. Compact & Easy-to-Use HD Drone 🛸

This is the best drone on the market for people who love photography, whether it's focused on nature or even on recording family events. It's also a beginners drone, so it's very easy to use. This drone is much more compact than the competition, making its flight smoother and much easier to control when it's in the skies.

Blade 720 has an HD camera that can easily stream live into your phone, through Wi-Fi, as you use the official app to fly the drone from your iOS or Android smartphone. It's the perfect present for dads who are obsessed with treasuring every family moment, providing a brand new angle for future pics and videos!

13. Truly World's Smartest Travel Lock 🛡️

While most of the people around us are very decent, everywhere we go there's always the chance that someone will try to take our things. It’s impossible to overdo things when it comes to security: you should always be prepared. If your dad is one of those who love knowing where his things are at all times, AirBolt is the perfect gift.

AirBolt is a state-of-the-art, award-winning smart-lock that will help you lock your items and protect them, while also knowing exactly where they are thanks to the accompanying app. (Available for both iOS and Android) That's one way to show dad you care: getting him some peace of mind!

14. ButcherBox - Amazing & Ethical Meat 🥩 🥓

More and more people are becoming aware of what they eat, trying to fit their ethics into their food intake. If your dad is one of those people who are looking to cleanse their fridge of brands with less-than-great practices, he's going to love ButcherBox.

A Massachusetts startup that began as a GoFundMe campaign, it has blown up in the past few years. ButcherBox specializes in monthly deliveries of hormone-free meats of different animals, all of which were grass-fed and raised humanely in small-scale farms. Your dad will get incredible-tasting and healthy meat, all while promoting the local farming industry!

15. Paleovalley Beef Sticks - Protein On-the-Go 🍖

This company specializes in providing superfood solutions for people looking to turn their lives around through the Paleo diet. Following that notion, they have created a line of protein-filled products that aren't just delicious but also completely packed with energy, made to be invigorating.

Paleovalley 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks were engineered as healthy snacks, as they stem from grass-fed cows that didn't receive antibiotics or strong chemicals throughout their lives. This completely organic product also contains a myriad of naturally fermented spices, for a fully delicious afternoon snack your dad will fall in love with!

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