Following a new and terrible tradition, fans of Adult Swim’s most popular show are flipping out over something. This time, the reason has nothing to do with any fast food chains. Brace yourselves, because this could be a catastrophic turn for television. According to Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon, Cartoon Network still hasn’t ordered a fourth season.
Harmon, who also created cult show Community, recently spooked the entire Rick and Morty fandom. After a (rude) fan prompted Harmon to write season 4, he made a terrifying revelation: it’s unclear if it’ll happen.
Of course, the idea that Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith might not return has sent the web in a frenzy. Fans took to Twitter to complain about Cartoon Network cancelling the show, as if that announcement had been made. Others simply cried their woes on the social network.

There’s even a petition directed at Cartoon Network, asking that the show be renewed.
First off, Harmon’s original tweet was a reply to an angry, very rude fan who casually called him a “lazy alcoholic.” Harmon has a great sense of humor, but the endless parade of crazed R&M fans might have him on edge. So, hey, he could have just been messing with this DJ Wise Pariah.
Second of all, let’s chill, people. Sometimes, networks take a little longer to greenlight new seasons, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re dead. Cartoon Network might be nearing a deal with creators, or they could just be taking their sweet time. Nearly two years happened between seasons 2 and 3, why would the fourth installment be any different?
Rick and Morty fans have a history of extreme behavior when it comes to their beloved show. Last year, the season 3 premiere, “The Rickshank Redemption,” brought about a resurgence in McDonald’s Szechuan sauce, a Mulan tie-in. The popular fast food chain re-released the sauce due to popular demand, with terrible results. Only select restaurants had the sauce, and very few packs at that, leading to vocally disappointed fans.
It’s no surprise, that the Internet has gone a little crazy over the possibility of Rick and Morty not returning. Still, those very loyal followers will probably keep the show around for a while, even if seasons take forever. Wubba lubba dub dub!