After a short-lived marriage to The Eeries vocalist Isaiah Silva, Frances Bean Cobain is going through a difficult divorce. On top of all the normal strain of a divorce, Courtney Love’s daughter just lost a priceless memento in proceedings. A vintage guitar her father customized is no longer in her possession.
People recently obtained documents from Cobain and Silva’s property settlement, six months after the divorce was finalized. In them, it was revealed that one of Kurt Cobain’s most famous guitars had been lost in the divorce. It’s an acoustic/electric 1959 Martin D-18 E, a rare model with only 300 in existence. It was also the guitar Cobain played when recording the Nirvana MTV Unplugged.
Months back, TMZ had already reported that the former couple was contending ownership of the instrument. Months after their split, Cobain filed documents trying to get the court to force Silva to return the guitar. The vocalist replied that she’d given it to him as a wedding present, and it was his to keep.
It seems the court side with him, but also that 25-year-old Cobain wasn’t willing to go the distance regarding the guitar. After a short marriage and somewhat problematic split, Cobain seems to have chosen to end proceedings as quickly as possible.
While this news is sure to anger Nirvana fans all over the world, it was a relatively small price to pay for Cobain. Silva asked the visual artist and model for 25K a year in spousal support, but courts declined the request. Cobain owns 37% of her father’s estate since 2010, including publicity rights to his name and image. The estate is valued at $450 million.
Cobain filed for divorce in March 2016, and has since moved on. Cobain has been dating The Ceremonies lead singer Matthew Cook for over a year now.