It’s been over two years since Spectre, and Bond 25 won’t be released until November 2019. After all the drama regarding Daniel Craig’s return as 007 was settled, there’s been mostly radio silence on the subject. Now, it seems Craig’s fellow British treasure Danny Boyle will be helming the still-unnamed film.
Last week, the Oscar-winning filmmaker was approached by Metro during the premiere of his new TV show, Trust. Confirming months worth of gossip, Boyle said that he was working on an idea for Bond 25. His longtime collaborator and Trainspotting screenwriter, John Hodge, is writing the script.
However, there’s a catch: 007 isn’t Boyle’s next project. He’s currently working on a project with Richard Curtis (Love Actually, About Time) that should begin shooting soon. The plan is tackling Bond head-on by late 2018, ahead of the film’s scheduled November 2019 release date.
My own theory regarding the story for Craig’s last film follows a classic Bond storyline. Spectre seemed to close with James Bond in love (with Léa Seydoux’s character), like in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. In that film (George Lazenby’s solo outing in the role), Bond’s wife, Tracy, is killed by Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Since we were just reintroduced to Blofeld, the wink at past storylines seems likely: it’s been done before.
That might be what Sam Mendes was planning for Bond 25, but would Danny Boyle follow that idea?
Boyle’s involvement seems a bit up in the air so far, but let’s hope it comes to fruition. The filmmaker’s pop culture savvy and fresh take could be just what MI6’s most famous agent needs right now. Besides, this wouldn’t be the first time he works in a 007 setting. Back in 2012, Boyle directed Craig (and Queen Elizabeth) in a memorable clip for the London Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Bond 25 will be the film that ultimately cements Craig’s legacy as 007, as his outings have been hit-and-miss. He had an incredible first try in the 2006 reboot Casino Royale, setting up a gritty new age for Bond. However, the film was followed by the messy Quantum of Solace, which paled in comparison. Sam Mendes’ Skyfall was a return to form, bringing 007 into the 2.0 while retaining his classic charm. Then came Spectre, a disappointing revival of the franchise’s most iconic villain.
There’s still no word on casting for Bond 25, other than Craig being confirmed as 007. We assume Ralph Fiennes will return as M, Ben Whishaw as Q and Naomie Harris as Moneypenny.