It’s been quite some time since Blizzard’s popular one-person shooter, Overwatch, released its latest character, support hero Moira. Now, it appears we’re getting a new hero in the roster, and if fan speculation is correct, it could be Torbjorn’s daughter, Brigitte Lindholm!
The first sign of a new addition was last week, when the official Overwatch Twitter account released an after-action report regarding something called Operation “White Dome.” In it, there was a mention to several characters, and tech and game websites like PC Gamer speculated that the new character could be Emre Sarioglu.
However, further teases seem to point towards a whole different character. The first tease was a letter from Torbjorn to his then pregnant wife, Ingrid. In it, he writes that Reinhardt saved his life and he’d like to make him the godfather of their unborn child, surely Brigitte Lindholm, who’s appeared in previous material. It was also Reinhardt’s job to name her, according to the letter.
“He has been bothering me insufferably at my bedside. Half in jest, I suggested that if it would shut him up, I would allow him to name our daughter, as he has been badgering me about it these past months. He, of course, took me at my word.”
Later on, the third teaser pointed to what seems to be the weapon of choice of the upcoming character, a sort of hammer called Slaga 3.0. This also includes what could be a line from the character: “I’ll knock some sense into you!”

Of course, there’s nothing official as of yet, but Overwatch is right on schedule to release a new hero now. The previous one, Moira, came out in November.
There’s clearly a lot of love put into the creation of each character, and Blizzard has made a very conscious effort in expanding the game’s lore.