You’d be hard-pressed to find a closet in America that doesn’t include at least one pair of Chucks. The simplest form, the plain Chuck Taylors, has become a classic for more than a century, but that hasn’t stopped Converse from spicing it up constantly with limited editions. And the latest one, a joint effort with Disney Pixar, might have you reaching for your credit card by the end of this paragraph.

Behold the new Toy Story x Converse Collection, in both Chucks (High and Low) and Jack Purcell models. There are four different versions to choose from, including a black-and-white one that’s perfect for those who love cartoons but aren’t necessarily super comfortable wearing such bright colors in their feet.
Still, at least to me, it’s the Buzz Lightyear sneakers that take the prize. The green and purple details on these Jack Purcells bring a really simple touch that’s impossible not to associate instantly to Buzz Lightyear. While they’re all adorable, the Toy Story Chucks are also sort of cluttered, which is not a look everyone loves in their sneakers.
Unfortunately, as it happens too often when it comes to geeky releases, for now these are only available in Japan. It’s unclear when they’ll be reaching the U.S., or if they even will. However, if you happen to be around the Land of the Rising Sun, you can find the new models on Atmos. They also have some ridiculously cute Baby All Star sneakers to introduce your favorite toddler to Pixar early on.
Of course, Converse isn’t the first sneaker company to try their hand at Toy Story kicks. It’s been a while since Vans released its own collection based on the beloved Pixar franchise, for kids and grownups alike. Since it’s been around longer, there is a little more variety in terms of the designs, and they also have their own version of the Buzz shoe, plus a few other additions.