As the unofficial capital of the world, there’s an endless list of things to do in New York City. And one of the unpleasant and unmissable experiences from any visit to the Big Apple is using the subway. Not only is it massive, it can also be confusing to first-time visitors and, of course, it’s super dirty. Just ask New Yorker icon Pizza Rat. However, if there’s one thing that can make your first time in the subway a more pleasant experience, it’s the David Bowie MetroCard!
The MetroCard is the unified paying method of public transportation in New York City, covering subway, buses and trams. And it was just taken over by the King of Glam himself!
Thanks to Spotify, Bowie has returned to New York, allowing residents and tourists to move around the city. According to Thrillist, the music streaming giant has partnered with the MTA for a series of limited-edition MetroCards. There are five must-have designs, representing specific moments in the singer’s career. The total print was 250,000 cards, and so far they’re still out there!
The Brooklyn Museum is currently hosting an expo dedicated to pictures of Bowie, and Spotify is one of the sponsors. The MetroCards are just part of a grander intervention of the subway in honor of the “Space Oddity” superstar. Calling it an “Immersive David Bowie Subway Takeover,” Spotify has filled Broadway-Lafayette station with pictures from the expo. With numerous wall-sized art inspired by the singer’s ever-changing aesthetic, it’s a great homage to the trailblazing artist.

The images also feature codes that can be added to Spotify for an even more complete experience. Plus, Spotify also released a new series called David Bowie Stories, with multiple items from archives.
It’s been almost two and a half years since Bowie left us, and the void he’s left is still palpable. A native Londoner, Bowie, real name David Jones, spent the better part of his life in New York City. Much like Berlin, the Big Apple was a key part of his work for a number of years. It’s more than fitting to see the “Starman” getting his place in one of the landmarks of his adopted city.