Days after announcing their International Women’s Day dolls, Mattel is introducing another powerhouse Barbie, and it’s the oldest one ever. Iris Apfel, a beloved nonagenarian only comparable to Betty White, is now giving Barbie fashion tips!
As Apfel was introducing her new book, Accidental Icon, it was announced Mattel had created a doll in her likeness. However, there’s one major downside to this doll: according to The Cut, it’s a one-of-a-kind item. Still, Mattel will be releasing a “Styled By” Barbie honoring the fashionista, including accessories from Apfel’s Rara Avis collection.
As part of the launching campaign, Instagram account Barbie Style followed Barbie taking a few fashion cues from the fashionista. In the posts, everyone’s favorite blonde doll held a copy of Mrs. Apfel’s book, and visiting her favorite places. In true Barbie Style fashion, she dropped by Selima Optique and then by The Carlyle Hotel.
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In the adorable series of posts, Barbie was wearing outfits inspired by Mrs. Apfel. Of course, the fashionista’s characteristic big glasses were also present!
It’s been a big, exciting week for the fashionista. Besides her new partnership with Mattel, she was also honored by Bergdorf Goodman last Thursday. Through a pop-up event, the luxury department store is showcasing a “capsule collection of Iris-friendly clothing and accessories.” Some pieces are originals created by major designers in honor of the stylish nonagenarian; others come from current collections.

This isn’t the first time Mrs. Apfel’s unique fashion style is honored in the arts. Back in 2003, New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art dedicated an expo to her objects and accessories. Florida’s Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History is building a gallery dedicated to her long-standing work as an interior designer.
The Iris Apfel Bergdorf Goodman event, and their 5th Avenue window dedicated to her, will be up until March 26. Barbie’s Styled By collection inspired by the experienced fashionista will be available next fall.